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I continue to be fascinated by the juxtaposition of the constant change in the City of London, in the form of the multitude of construction projects, alongside the relative permanence of ancient churches, Livery halls and other historic buildings.

Mixed in with all that are the traces of two millennia of occupation buried under your feet, which are occasionally rediscovered and revealed to remind us that the only constant in the history of The City of London has been change!

During late 2019 I will be transferred posts from my previous site to this one, starting with the Roman City Wall series.

Featured Posts

  • Series: Roman City Walls – The Obscured
    This series of posts set out to reveal those parts of the Roman city wall that are hidden from public view, lurking in the basements of buildings throughout the city, as well as those more readily accessible.
  • Series: Lost London (coming soon)
    This series of posts focuses on exploring the surviving traces of that which is now lost in the City of London.
  • Post: Plantation Lane – The list of lists (coming soon)
    After a lot of effort I finally cracked the riddle of the lists engraved into the pavement of Plantation Lane.
  • Series: Tall Storeys [sic] (coming soon)
    This series follows various significant building projects around the City of London, and provides.

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